15 Photos Of Henry Golding Looking Hot AF In Suits

This well-dressed 'Crazy Rich Asians' star has us swooning!
PHOTO: Instagram/henrygolding

To be completely honest, I was a bit apprehensive at first when I found out that Henry Golding was set to play the role of Nicholas Young opposite Constance Wu in the film adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians. I was familiar with Fresh Off The Boat (Constance's breakout TV show) and knew Constance would kill it, but I barely knew anything about Henry! 

After some quick Googling and Instsa-stalking, however, I'm now convinced that the casting directors made a good choice with Henry as Nick. After all, he looks bomb AF in suits, which we all know is protocol for anyone who is dreamy enough to play Nick.

Here he is, looking perfect for a first date.

Yes, I say first date, because you'll want a second and third one after seeing this look.

Check out this light blue Tom Ford tux at the Crazy Rich Asians film premiere!

He looks pricture-perfect next to Gemma Chanwho plays Astrid Leong in the film.

Here he is with his wife IRL, Liv Lo. What a GORGEOUS couple! 

*heart eyes*

Neutral-colored suit with a pop of bright green? You bet he can pull it off.

Blue seems to be a popular color choice for Henry, too. 

Can you spot his Cartier watch? Classic Nick Young!

We love a patterened polo to add character to a plain suit!

Don't you think this look is very '50s chic? 

See those bright patterns on his polo? The man knows his style, for sure!

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Speaking of vintage, this just exudes classic Hollywood energy!

We don't think there's a suit color he can't pull off.

He looks great in all-pink, too!

He looks just as good when he decides to go monochrome.

Here he is in an all-white suit...

and a classic black suit! Jon Chu and Awkwafina are right next to him below. Jon directed Crazy Rich Asians and Awkwafina plays Peik Lin in the film:

Crazy Rich Asians premieres in the Philippines on August 22.

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