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How The Pandemic Made Kim Chiu Realize That It's Better To Collect More Memories Than Designer Bags

'I’m happy that I haven’t bought any yet since the start of [the] pandemic.'
PHOTO: Instagram/chinitaprincess

It's pretty common to see celebs splurge on designer fashion items. After all, purchasing luxury goods is a way for them to pamper themselves. Kim Chiu is one of those stars with a closet full of branded bags and sneakers. But because of the pandemic, she shared in an Instagram post that she'll take a break from buying expensive items.

Kim Chiu wearing a mask.
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"For those reacting, bought this bag years ago and I’m happy that I haven’t bought any yet since the start of [the] pandemic. This pandemic made me realize so much," she said. 

She then talked about that it's better to collect more memories than material things. "Collect more memories and spend more time with your loved ones. You will never know what will happen tomorrow. I really don't have to explain but yeah, I did," she continued.

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Kim ended with a short but powerful statement saying that "life is short."

We couldn't agree more!

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