Just A Bunch Of Times Maymay And Edward Were Couple Style Goals

We can't get enough of these two!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/edward_barber, (RIGHT) Instagram/maymay

As if you couldn't think of other reasons to be kilig over Mayward, get ready for a bunch of amazing couple looks from the two:

They look stylish even though they're ~*practically*~ wearing the same pants.

Can you say the same about you and your IRL crushie? 

Plaid and stripes don't look good together, you say? Think again!

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We're convinced after seeing the combo on them!

Here they are, sporting more prints in Honolulu!

Their colors contrast so well, too.

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Turista chic in London!


They know the art of subtle color coordination.

A peek of Maymay's hoodie completes this secretly matchy look.

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Look at these two, all glammed up!

That stare though, Edward! We see you.

When do they not look red carpet-worthy?

This look totally screams, "Yes, we were styled to look amazing. What's good?"

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They look good in monochrome, too.

You can never go wrong in all-black or all-white. 

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