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10 Outfits Nadine Lustre Wears With Her Chunky Sneakers

PHOTO: Instagram/nadine

Oh, Nadine. Always the trendsetter, the leader of the fashion pack, and the one who surprises us with the most daring style choices. Take for instance one of the "it" items of the moment: the chunky sneakers. Nadine has definitely been instrumental in reviving these from '90s by giving them a very 2019 upgrade. She wears her pairs with crazy, not-so-basic outfits! 

So how does a style star like Nadine Lustre wear chunky sneakers? Ranked from the most ~wearable~ to the most OTT, below are looks to cop (or simply appreciate if you're not into the trend.)

  1. Crop top + joggers

    Okay, so what does a normal person wear with sneakers? Gym clothes, of course! Kick it up a notch by opting for bright-colored joggers to make a statement.

  2. Oversized jacket + bandeau bra + joggers

    Put on a chunky pair of sneakers and you sort of automatically feel bad@$$, like you're a top celeb from the '90s who has sold millions of albums. You’d want to either: a)sport super baggy clothes or, b) flaunt your abs like a true pop star from the era. In Nadine's case? Both.

  3. Mini dress + oversized denim jacket

    All of the best of the '90s come together in this outfit: Oversized denim jacket? Check. A Clueless-inspired plaid dress that shows off her figure? Check! White, chunky sneakers? But, of course!

  4. Plaid tube top + paper bag pants

    Never thought you'd see plaid checks on a tube top? Trust the Nadine Lustre to have this unexpected piece in her closet. Here, she wears it with paperbag pants for a modern upgrade.

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  5. Denim + denim

    How could Naddie not include this. With blonde locks and a barely-there tube top, she nails another look made for superstars—because she is one herself! The highlight of this outfit, of course, is her pair of Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneakers.

  6. Oversized graphic tee + denim cutoffs + fishnet socks

    Technically, Nadine's outfit of choice here falls more on the ~normal~ spectrum... until we see her, uh, socks of choice. Not that there's anything wrong with it, it's more really in the imagining how it must feel like wearing fishnet socks with sneakers... Hmmm...

  7. Sparkly crop top + high waist flared jeans

    With her trusty chunky sneaks, the never not boring Nadine wears a sparkly top with longer than ever braids and flared jeans. While we're not quite sure what to make of this look (and the multi-references, too!), one thing's for sure—our queen's still sparkling!

  8. Off-shoulder crop top + skirt

    If Nadine were a Disney princess, this would probably be her outfit. The off-shoulder tube reminds us of dear princess Jasmine!

  9. Bikini top + short shorts

    Nothing is ever too teeny weeny for Nadine. In an outfit made for partying, here she wears an itsy bitsy top and shorts!

  10. White on white 

    Never in our lives did we ever consider wearing sneakers with a bikini but our queen, here, gives a totally new meaning to an all-white outfit. 


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