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5 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Can Shop Online In The Philippines

Affordable, sustainable, and accessible!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/renegadefolk, (RIGHT) Instagrm/lazylucyph

Switching to a more sustainable lifestyle can be quite daunting. You basically have to unlearn all of the things that you once thought were all right and normal. And usually, once you decide to be more environmentally conscious and socially just, you also decide that it's time to change brands. This can be hard at first—especially if you don't know any alternatives to the labels you currently support. Plus, there’s also the worry that their stores may not be quite easy to reach. But don't worry, ‘cos we've done the research for you. Here are five sustainable fashion brands that are very accessible (so accessible, you can order clothes from them using your phone!) that will help you transition into a more sustainable lifestyle:

1. Looking for comfy everyday pieces? Check out Lazy Lucy.

Sister brands Lazy Fare and Lucy in the Sky, together known as Lazy Lucy, are owned by sisters who grew up in a family that is largely involved in the garment industry. They take pride in the fact that their clothes are made out of scrap fabrics that come from fast fashion manufacturers.


Do you still prefer buying your clothes in physical stores? They have branches in Glorietta! Affordable, sustainable, and accessible! What more can you ask for?

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2. Need chic office clothes? Check out Audrey & Anthony.

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn's classic style, Audrey & Anthony is an RTW brand that advocates for sustainable living initiatives. They produce their garments with locally sourced fabrics, their sewer is provided with good working conditions and fair compensation, plus your purchases come in reusable canvas tote bags.

Recently, they released their first collection made up of office-ready pieces that are super classy and versatile. This reversible dress is totally TDF:


3. Looking for alternatives for your everyday sandals? Try Renegade Folk.

Sustainable living does not only focus on being good to the environment. Sustainable living initiatives also include fair and just compensation to workers. A big plus when these workers, and the materials used to create their items, are sourced locally. And this is where Renegade Folk comes in, a brand that has been big on promoting these initiatives since 2007. Each pair of sandals is assembled lovingly by sapateros in Marikina and made out of locally sourced materials.


4. Looking for a one-stop shop for your sustainable living needs? Give Candid Clothing a try.

Not only do they sell clothes (which are 100% upcycled, BTW), but they also sell other items such as reusable bamboo pads and tumblers, all of which can help you transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. Aside from this, they also actively advocate for good working conditions for all workers.


5. Want to add some ethnic prints to your wardrobe? Anthill has a ton of options!

Anthill Fabric Gallery's chic pieces are made out of ethnic fabrics that are woven by artisans from native hill tribes in the Philippines. Their weavers earn twice the required minimum wage, plus a portion of their earnings go directly into a compulsory savings program. Aside from helping provide sustainable livelihoods for their workers, the brand also aims to showcase the beauty and promote the use of indigenous fabrics. Anthill has a wide array of beautiful woven fabrics that are made into some chic, stylish pieces.