Purse Paparazzi: Michelle Panemanglor

Who: Michelle Panemanglor, model. Bag: Gray tote.

As one of Cosmo’s 8 Sexiest, Michelle Panemanglor can turn up the heat as she transforms from adorable to fierce in front of the cameras. While behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot, the Cosmo team got a glimpse of what she carries in her gray tote. 

1. Follow Michelle's lead and put some color on those lips with this shade of cherry red!

2. She stores her makeup necessities in this sparkly silver pouch.

3. This lip salve moisturizes and gives a hint of color.

4. A classic black wallet for a classy girl.

5. Model must-have: Ray-Ban aviators

6.  Her gadget of choice: the iPhone

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