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'Quiet Luxury' Is The Anti-Trend That's Taking Over Fashion

Welcome to the world of low-key fashion.
What is quiet luxury
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Let's talk about "Quiet Luxury," aka the phenomenon that's taking over fashion. If we think about this, the perfect poster child for this "non-trend trend" are the characters from the hit series, Succession. Everyone is richy-rich but they don't ostentatiously display their net worth. The characters wear classic pieces that are well-made but with the absence of flashy logos you mostly see on trending designer favorites. Another moniker for this anti-trend is "stealth wealth."

Quiet luxury emphasizes understated elegance, simplicity, and quality craftsmanship over flashy logos. Rather than drawing attention to your outfit through flashy branding or attention-grabbing design, products associated with quiet luxury tend to be discreet and refined, often relying on subtle details, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship to convey their value and exclusivity.

This trend is often associated with a more minimalist aesthetic, almost like a polished version of normcore. Each quiet luxury piece is a deemed classic closet staple that can be worn and enjoyed for many years to come. The design focus is all on clean lines and neutral colors. Plus, each item is tailor-fit to the wearer, so it looks perfect and put-together. It's an elevated way of investing in ~*style*~.


In the era of consumerism and fast-moving trends, quiet luxury can be seen as a response to the excess and superficiality of mainstream designer-obsessed culture. If you are looking into splurging on fashion, go for this route, as this movement seeks a more meaningful and sustainable approach to luxury.

In recent years, the trend towards quiet luxury has been embraced by a growing number of fashion brands, particularly those in the high-end and luxury markets, who are seeking to appeal to consumers looking for more refined and understated luxury products. Here are some brands to look for:

Bottega Veneta

The woven detail of the Bottega bags makes them stand out without the need for logos.

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This bag's classic silhouette will outlive any trend.

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Brunello Cucinelli

You can wear this piece all year.

Brunello Cucinelli clip-on buckle suede belt
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Brunello Cucinelli clip-on buckle suede belt, $1,180


Loro Piana

The craftsmanship of Loro Piana pieces is superb.

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If you have P67k to spare, get yourself a pair of Pippen Loafers

Khaite Pippen leather loafers

Khaite Pippen leather loafers, $1,214.77


The Row

The Sofia leather tote costs approximately P334k!

The Row Sofia medium leather tote

The Row Sofia medium leather tote, $6,047.30



The Celine loafers are a classic.

Crushing on this bag so badly.

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