10 Cute Tattoos For Bookworms

Because we love books and cute little things!
PHOTO: Instagram/smara522

We have been really obsessed with cute little tattoos recently. So when we realized we haven't done a roundup for book lovers out there, we just had to do it! Here's a list of our favorites so far:

1. For Harry Potter  fans:

2. For Slaughterhouse Five fans:

3. For your love of Stargirl...

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4. For your love of The Little Prince...

5. Another The Little Prince tattoo idea!


6. If you love John Green's works:

7. For your love of The Hunger Games:

8. In case you miss the Wizarding World:

9. For Divergent  fans:

10. And of course, this gorgeous one-word Harry Potter  tattoo:

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