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18 Totally Real Kikay Problems That You Cannot Deal With

You literally cannot even.

1. When you apply red lipstick straight from the tube...
And no matter how careful you are, you can never apply it perfectly. Parating may lampas. And then you ask yourself how Taylor Swift does it. You try to rub the extra lines off, but it just won't budge. Because ~*matte*~.

2. When you spend about a thousand years applying the perfect cat eye on your right lid...
Before realizing the wing on your right lid is longer and thicker than the wing on your left lid. So you re-do your makeup and realize that you can never get both lines perfectly. So you give up and remove your eye makeup completely. "Oh, fuck this shit."

3. When you spend an hour doing a "sexy smoky eye" because Pinterest said you could.
Pinterest tutorials are lies. ALL LIES!

4. When your sandals break when you're buying coffee.
And you have to call your officemates to pick you up from Starbucks with an extra pair of flats, because there is no way you are walking back to work BAREFOOT.

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5. See also: When your heels break.

6. When the wind blows and your hair gets stuck on your lips because ~*gloss*~.

7. When you do your face at home, and then you think you're flawless...
But then you take the bus or the MRT to work. And by the time you get to the office, your skin is oily AF, your foundation has smeared, your eyeliner is gone, and you look awful. AWFUL!

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8. When you are in a white top and you spill coffee on your shirt, because you are seven years old.

9. When you get home from GNO, and are too lazy to remove your makeup...
So you kind of just pass out on the bed. And then you wake up with a zit.

10. When you wake up with a zit.

11. And also! When you try concealing your zit. But it still looks like a zit.

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12. When you can do a French tip perfectly well on your left hand...
But fail in your attempt to do a fancy manicure on your right hand...because you are right-handed. 

13. When your face is whiter than your neck, because you put too much foundation.

14. When you get back from the beach, and have to change your powder, foundation, and concealer...
Because nothing matches your new skin tone anymore.

15. When your bangs grow half an inch and you literally cannot see the world.

16. When your lashes clump because of mascara.
"Sabi nung saleslady clump-free to?!"

17. When you almost die from squeezing your eyelash curler too hard...
Because you accidentally pinch your lids, not your lashes. "Can you die from your eyelash curler?!"

18. When you get lipstick on your teeth.
While talking to your crush. :( 

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