4 Shoe Trends To Rock This Summer--See 35 PAIRS!

Give in to your shoe fetish as a reward for all your hard work (in this heat, no less!). Here are footwear trends you can easily integrate into your wardrobe!

Chunky Leather Wedges

 Chunky leather wedges lend you a comfier, and more casual way of adding a good few inches to your stance on days when you want to give your heels a rest (if not your feet). This particular style usually evokes edgier, more rocker chic vibes, and are anything but dainty and sweet—until you wear them with the right piece, that is!

How to wear:
 If you’re going for the rock ‘n' roll concert vibe, wear it with ultra skinny tight black jeans that you scrunch up by the ankles. Put on a washed down, white cropped top and a biker jacket (if the weather or air-conditioning permits), and get ready to head-bang the night away to your fave rock number. Check out the wedges from Possibility at The Ramp Crossings, as they’re versatile enough to transcend different looks!

If you happen to have to attend an afternoon party that more or less requires you to don a sweet floral dress, fret not. You can counter the edgy vibe by swiping a sweet baby pink shade on your lips and accessorizing with thinly stacked gold bracelets. Top the look with a straw fedora hat, and get ready to look as sweet as a cupcake!

Kitten Heels

 Like chunky leather wedges, kitten heels give you the comfy option of adding just one or two inches to your height. They can look like a pair of pumps or dressy sandals when viewed from the front--but without the pain of actual sky-high pumps and stilettos! Check out the gorgeous Enzo Angiolini nude pair we featured in the gallery.

How to wear:
 This trend is best worn casual, with cuffed boyfriend jeans a la Katie Holmes and loose sweatshirt. If you must dress it up, opt for dressy printed shorts and a lace top. This is a perfect first date look: you don’t want to go overboard with heels and tight dresses.

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 Printed shoes are perfect for spicing up a monochromatic outfit and can lend understated elegance to its wearer. We have featured a myriad of footwear in prints ranging from polka dots (by Ferretti) to funky zebra prints (by Pony) and delicate floral ones (by CMG) in the gallery we compiled for you. Textured shoes like snakeskin, woven, and cut-outs by Ferretti, CMG, and Enzo Angiolini fall under this fun category, too.

How to wear:
 This trend goes best with plain, one-color outfits that are just screaming for a burst of sartorial variety. Classic LBDs and single-colored rompers and jumpsuits can always use a surge of anything printed to break through it in all its chic monotony. Polish the look with colorful eye or lip makeup that will complement your flavor of choice!


 It is what it is—bright, fluorescent hues that can definitely spunk up your outfit du jour! These highlighter shades have been visible on the runways, and have been revived to complement the color-blocking trend flawlessly.

How to wear:
 Like the printed shoes, wear neon (check out the ultra bright shoes by Nike and Ferretti) to break the monotony that a single-colored outfit provides. If you want to be trendy while doing so, try color-blocking and creatively clash different hues for a fashionable mishmash of brights that spell fasyon!

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