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This Necklace Is Inspired By The Rose In 'Beauty And The Beast'

And it's stunning.
PHOTO: Beauty and the Beast/Disney

We're still not over the magical throwback to our childhood that is the 2017 live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, and now, we just found something to fuel our obsession! Granted, it's not really the most affordable (or practical) of purchases, but you have to admit, it's gorgeous.

Crystal jewelry brand Swarovski, which often collaborates with Disney, paid tribute to the new film by releasing a selection of ornaments and accessories inspired by the movie. There's a super fancy limited edition figure of Belle and the Beast from the iconic ballroom scene—only 250 pieces were made and each is priced at $14,000 (P700,500)!

There's also a crystal version of the enchantress' rose—so exquisite.

And another of Belle in her signature yellow gown.

But our favorite just might be this stunning necklace. It has a Swarovski rose pendant dangling from the cord, and if we had around P13,000 to spare, we'd buy it in a heartbeat. 

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