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Cute Collarbone Tattoos To Go With Shoulder-Baring Necklines

Just in time for summer!

We know you girls love drawing attention to your collarbones, so if there's a good spot for your first tattoo, it's around that area. And with summer approaching, you'll be wearing off-shoulder tops, strapless bikinis, and all forms of skin-baring pieces of clothing nonstop. What better way to make even more of an impact than with a well-placed tat?

Flower designs are always popular, from the sparse and delicate…

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… to something more expansive and eye-catching.

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You could also combine them with a word or two!

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Got a quote that's close to your heart? Try it on one side of your shoulder...

… or keep it simple and minimalist with your favorite word in cursive lettering.

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Hearts are also a good idea, from something more intricate and colorful…

… to a teeny tiny shape you can easily conceal.

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Don't even get us started on tattoos that reference your fandom!

And if you have an attachment to a particular creature, whether it's your pet…

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… or your spirit animal, that would make for a meaningful statement, too.

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