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Cosmo Gift Guide: 62 V-Day Gift Ideas For Your Guy

Get him something new for Valentine's Day this year. Here's our gallery of cool stuff he'll love!

No matter how well we know our man, shopping for his gift can really be quite a challenge. It's definitely not as easy as picking out a gift for our girlfriend, sister, or mom, whose tastes in gifts are most likely close to ours. With men, it can be pretty hard to guess what kind of gifts they'll appreciate.

But here's something useful to remember: Guys are practical by nature. So, when thinking of a gift for your man, think of the stuff he uses everyday--like gadgets, shoes, eyewear, scents, watches, or even stuff for his pad or room. If he has good use for your gift, he'll probably love it!

To help you with your V-day shopping (you have two weekends to do this), we've come up with 62 practical but really special gift ideas that tell your man what a great boyfriend he is! Click on the "View Gallery" button to check them out.

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