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Dare To Bare Your Legs By Trying The Shirt-As-Dress Trend

Look Ma, no pants!

Fashion hack: the shirt as dress. Yup, we’re giving you permission to leave your pants at home. And if this brings out violent reactions from your mother/ boyfriend/concerned BFF, tell them it’s really no different from wearing a mini dress!

With the right styling, a play on proportions, and yes, confidence, you can turn your shirt-as-dress #OOTD into a chic/sexy/edgy/swag look—whichever way you want it! Here, we take cues from our favorite style stars:

1. Choose your shirt

Surely you have some of these in your closet: an oversized button down, a hoodie that’s a size bigger, or your boyfriend’s tee that you no plans of returning. It’s just a matter of finding a top that fits comfortably enough and goes all the way down to cover your butt!

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2. Dressed up or down?

Wearing it with heels or flats depends on where you’re going. For casual outdoor gigs, sneakers or super strappy sandals (try those that lace up your calf!) are a great option. And on occasions that require you to up your style game, go for a statement heel or a pointy pump. 

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3. Accessorize!

If it’s Bad Girl RiRi you’re channeling, you know the drill. A baseball cap, a pair of cool sunnies, and a lippie in a shocking color are no-fail swagger choices. Going for #girlboss chic a la Cara Delevingne? Classic jewelry and a simple but well-structured bag will do the trick.

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4. Protect yourself

The most crucial part of your shirt-as-dress #OOTD: your underwear. Avoid unnecessary exposure by wearing your trusty black spandex shorts (the same ones you use when wearing your minis!) underneath. 

5. Practice!

This is actually the secret to looking super confident in whatever you’re wearing. So yes, try and test your outfit at home first. Stand tall, walk, go up and down the stairs, sit down, cross your legs—and see if you’re comfortable all the way. It’s added effort, but just imagine how it’ll feel when you finally get to strut your stuff in your perfectly conjured outfit. Go flaunt it!

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