This Might Be Elisse Joson’s Favorite Shoe Style

Our cover girl wears them with everything.
PHOTO: Instagram/elissejoson

It seems like McCoy de Leon is not the only apple of Elisse Josson’s eye. Just check out her Instagram account and you’ll see her love affair with…boots. From ultra sexy thigh-highs to rugged combat boots, she has worn them all. 

She has boots in all colors, including chic burgundy...

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Neutral brown...

A cross between millennial pink and camel brown...

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Trendy white...

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And classic black, of course!

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She also has thigh-highs, proving you don’t have to be super tall to wear them a la Gigi Hadid.

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The best part? You can totally cop her look because she shows us that you can wear them on casual days, too!

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