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I Went Engagement Ring Shopping And This Is What Happened

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Buying an engagement ring is not as easy as picking out a couple shirts or a pair of jeans. Budget aside, your boyfriend would also have to consider the design of the ring and the 4 Cs of diamonds. While he might have picked up vital information from keeping up with our ring coverage here in Cosmo, actually visiting the store is an entirely different ballgame.

Diego*, a 27-year-old guy in a long-term relationship, recently took his first steps into finding the perfect ring. He visited F&C Jewelry in Glorietta 4, where the staff primed him on the ins and outs of buying an engagement ring. Read his thoughts below:

What did you already know about engagement rings before visiting the store?

I've done research, but mostly just about my girlfriend's ring preference. I don't have any prospects yet on where to buy the ring, and I have no idea how to buy one.

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How did you feel upon entering the store?

I felt very intimidated. I couldn’t even dare ask how much one certain ring is, despite the sales team being so accommodating.

What things did you learn at the store?

I learned a lot of gemology terms. I really think I am a step ahead of all the guys planning to buy an engagement ring. The staff gave me an introduction to different ring cuts, settings, grades, colors, etc. The most valuable lesson I learned is that the sales team of a jewelry store will be more than pleased to assist you and work with what you want.

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What surprised you about the entire process of buying a ring?

Those dainty engagement rings you see on Pinterest will most probably be worth more than your entire savings account.

What was the most difficult aspect of buying a ring?

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Finding the courage to actually enter a store and inquire, and the dread that comes with buying a ring your girlfriend won't like.

Do you think women or society put too much emphasis on the engagement ring?

I think the emphasis on engagement rings is necessary. It is a special moment in a couple's life, and it's something that should be invested on.

What advice would you give to men when it comes to buying an engagement ring?

You don't have to follow the "3x your salary [price tag]" bullshit. Buy what your budget can get you, and work with the salesperson to get the best out of what you have. Just make sure it's something your future fiancée would like.

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