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Fashion Hack: Spilled Red Wine On Your Dress?

We have a solution.

It happens. You go to a house party, grab a (a very full) glass of red wineand right when you're about to be introduced to Hot Guy In A Polo, you accidentally spill vino on your dress. A white dress, to be exact!

Hassle, 'di ba?

You can opt to A. Panic; B. Leave the party in shame; or C. Ask the waiter to get you a glass of white wine. Because white wine can actually neutralize that red stain. Pronto.

Here's what you should do: Pour a small amount of white wine on the stained area, and blot with tissue or a towel to dry. We can't guarantee that it will remove the blotch completely, but it will make it less obvious. This will also make it easier for you to wash it off with hand soap and water after.

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