This Model Looks A Lot Like Gigi Hadid!

Her brows certainly live up to Gigi's power kilay.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/amaliesc, (RIGHT) Instagram/gigihadid

As far as facial features go, Gigi Hadid is more than genetically blessed. Her mother's icy Dutch beauty and her father's Middle Eastern ancestry combined forms a face we probably won't get tired of seeing any time soon.

And then there's Amalie Schou, a Danish model who isn't just stunning—she also bears a resemblance to Zayn Malik's supermodel GF! The girls at Byrdie recently made the connection, and now, we seriously cannot unsee it.

Like Gigi, Amalie has a head of gloriously wavy blonde hair, arresting blue eyes, and long, arched eyebrows. The third is a Gigi Hadid trademark and, IMHO, what seals the doppelganger deal.

Try not to get too confused as you scroll through these photos!

And what do you know: Amalie even modeled opposite Justin Bieber for his perfume, The Key!

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