10 Ways To Look Great In Your Mirror Selfies + OOTDs

It's not as hard as you think!
PHOTO: Instagram/handinfire

We usually relegate mirror selfies to our less painstakingly-curated platforms...like Snapchat or IG stories, where oftentimes, anything goes. You feel? Our Instagram feeds usually boast carefully art-directed OOTDs taken by only our most trusted hands, but we propose a deviation: How about snapping outfit selcas that are actually worthy of a spot on your grid? Check out 10 examples, below.

  1. Want to flaunt your new pair's interesting heel? Simply sit down and turn your foot sideways.

  2. If you're gunning for a closer look to show texture touches, tip your phone sideways for a funand trendy!snap.

  3. Include corner details that go with your outfit! Sharing grid space with a vase of blooms or an interesting figurine makes your selfie more interesting.

  4. Ask friend or two to join you. The more, the merrier!

  5. If you want to flaunt that bold hue, pick a striking backdrop of plain black. White can get tiring, after all!

  6. A trick we absolutely swear by: To look taller, stick a leg out. Done and done.

  7. Details matter! Your snap will look supremely thought-out if you carefully match accent hues with the background. Check out the tasteful dashes of cognac!

  8. Get comfy and try the leg-propped-up pose.

  9. For a more elongated silhouette, hold your phone near your chest, not your face! The lower angle will stretch your stems by a mile.

  10. Here's a great way to show off a statement earring, a shoulder bag, or even some back detail: Take the shot from the waist up while standing with your back to another mirror. Play with reflections!

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