10 Ways To Look Great In Your Mirror Selfies + OOTDs

It's not as hard as you think!
PHOTO: Instagram/handinfire

We usually relegate mirror selfies to our less painstakingly-curated platforms...like Snapchat or IG stories, where oftentimes, anything goes. You feel? Our Instagram feeds usually boast carefully art-directed OOTDs taken by only our most trusted hands, but we propose a deviation: How about snapping outfit selcas that are actually worthy of a spot on your grid? Check out 10 examples, below.

  1. Want to flaunt your new pair's interesting heel? Simply sit down and turn your foot sideways.

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  2. If you're gunning for a closer look to show texture touches, tip your phone sideways for a funand trendy!snap.

  3. Include corner details that go with your outfit! Sharing grid space with a vase of blooms or an interesting figurine makes your selfie more interesting.

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  4. Ask friend or two to join you. The more, the merrier!

  5. If you want to flaunt that bold hue, pick a striking backdrop of plain black. White can get tiring, after all!

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  6. A trick we absolutely swear by: To look taller, stick a leg out. Done and done.

  7. Details matter! Your snap will look supremely thought-out if you carefully match accent hues with the background. Check out the tasteful dashes of cognac!

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  8. Get comfy and try the leg-propped-up pose.

  9. For a more elongated silhouette, hold your phone near your chest, not your face! The lower angle will stretch your stems by a mile.

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  10. Here's a great way to show off a statement earring, a shoulder bag, or even some back detail: Take the shot from the waist up while standing with your back to another mirror. Play with reflections!

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