Kylie Jenner's Met Gala Outfit Left Her Bruised

All in the name of fashion.

We like to think of the Met Gala as the fashion world’s ultra-glossy, super fancy version of prom—with more expensive gowns, of course. And in the same way a girl going to her first prom makes sure she looks ~*flawless*~ on the big night, so too does an A-lister on her Met Gala debut.

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At this year’s Met Gala, first-time attendee Kylie Jenner pulled out all the stops for her red carpet moment. The reality star-slash-beauty mogul turned up in a gorgeous Balmain gown, featuring some strategic cutouts and heavy embellishment. Beauty-wise, the 18-year-old star opted for a chic razor-sharp bob and nude lippie.

What we didn’t anticipate, however, is the real storybehind this picture-perfect look.

Yep, that’s Kylie’s scratched leg and bruised foot! K shared the photo on her Snapchat, along with the caption, “When ur dress made you bleed and ur feet are purple.” Ouch! We hope she got comfy and cozy in her staple sweats and sneakers after all the festivities—we know we would.

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