10 Must-Have Minimalist Earrings

You don’t need much to make a statement.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/cintathebrand, (RIGHT) Instagram/nordinary.co

If big and loud is just not your style, then allow these simply irresistible pairs to tickle your minimalist fancy. Chic without having to do much, these ear blings will prove a girl doesn’t need a lot to standout.

Lila Moon Drop, P1,100, No Ordinary Co.

Red Moonstone Drop Earrings, P650, Neree Jewelry

The Summer, P375, Trinkettes PH

Linda, P450, Senorita MNL

The curve, price available upon request, Cinta

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Minimalist Gold earrings, P395, Cari

The insert, P1890, Nami

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Heloise, P795, Undo

Red white and blue vertical drops, P500, Whim

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Ren earrings, P5000, Stockton Row

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