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3 Things Every Girl Should Pack In Her Suitcase

According to celebrity stylists Liz Uy and Rex Atienza!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

While it would be the dream to have unlimited space in our luggage for all our clothes and accessories, that’s really not the case. After all, a girl’s got to learn to streamline and make space for shopping! So we asked Uniqlo ambassadors and celebrity stylists Liz Uy and Rex Atienza for the essentials they think every girl can’t be without while traveling, and this is what they had to say!

Here’s what Liz always brings with her:

1. A very chic overcoat

“That’s going to cover you. It can be used as your blanket, too.”

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2. Joggers

“They’re so comfortable. You can just make do with them from the plane straight to work.”

3. Sunglasses

“If you wake up from your flight, or you took the red eye, sunglasses make you look glamorous.”

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And these are Rex’s suggestions:

1. A simple color palette

“I would go for white and red. Red looks good against the sea; something white is a failsafe color for the beach.”

2. A hat

“Whether it’s sunny or rainy, a hat is a basic necessity.”

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3. Joggers

“When you’re traveling, you need to feel comfortable. And they’re still stylish.”

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