This Baby Dresses Better Than Your Boyfriend

You have to see his pop culture costumes, too!
PHOTO: Instagram/ringo_sid

Our hearts have been stolen by this super cute Pinoy baby! 10-month-old Ringo Sid is giving ~*stylish*~ twentysomething men a run for their money with some seriously cool OOTDs!

Ringo’s parents, Gino and Cathy, love dressing up their son. In an interview with, the couple share, “We just like making him look hip and cute. There are so many good brands nowadays that any baby can be fashionable, unlike during our time when we only had Guess and OshKosh.”

Ringo also has quite the collection of footwear and headgear! We’re talking caps and beanies, and sneakers and loafers to fit his itty-bitty body.

His pop culture costumes are where Ringo and his parents truly shine, though! Gino and Cathy want Ringo to grow up and be able to look back on his childhood with fondness, and to have photos he can proudly show his friends.

“We try to make the character choices as diverse as possible, which can either make him love us or hate us in the future. We are actually very excited for that day when he’s asked to bring his baby picture to school,” they explain.

That means getting decked out as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

Eleven from Stranger Things

Even LeBron James!

According to Cathy, “Almost all of Ringo’s costumes are custom-made by my husband. He is an artist and makes toys for a hobby. Once we have an idea in mind, he usually puts together the things that we find and modifies them, if necessary. We don’t really have a particular go-to place for the materials, but almost everything we have used can be found in the mall.” Amazing what tons of creativity and some mad DIY skills can get you!

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We look forward to even more costumes and outfits from you, baby Ringo! <3

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