Sarah Lahbati Is Our Number One Peg For Swimsuit OOTDs

No one does it like her.
PHOTO: Instagram/sarahlahbati

Sarah Lahbati always kills it with her sexy pool- and beach-side snaps. Before the summer season sets in, allow the 23-year-old actress to school you in the art of taking the perfect swimsuit OOTD:

1. Use the black and white filter to your advantage for an illusion that will guarantee double takes and double taps. 

2. Match your maillot to your surroundings. Sarah's green Boom Sason one-piece finds the perfect background in lush leafy scenery.

3. Don't forget to pose for a photo right after your dip in the water. The beach is just about the only place where messy wet hair looks acceptable.

4. Clad in a boob- and back-baring maillot? Have your boyfie or bestie take the photo from the side, of course!

5. Sitting down isn't the easiest position to take a swimsuit shot in, but Sarah nails it with flying colors. Her trick? Leaning back, crossing her legs, and pointing her toes to elongate and slim down the body.

6. There's a reason why we love bold, bright colors during the summer—shades like fiery red and cobalt blue look amazing with a glowing tan.

7. 'Tis the season to bust out your floaters, CGs. You'll want to ace your balancing skills ASAP to take a pool OOTD like Sarah's.

8. These days, teeny-tiny bikinis aren't the only swimsuit styles that make temperatures rise. High-cut maillots cut low at the back get the job done with ease.

9. What's a beach trip without some booty-flashing? You've clocked in enough hours at the gym—now, show off that squat-toned bum in a racy IG update taken from behind.

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10. In your quest to take a new set of bikini photos, don't forget to load up on sunscreen and reapply every few hours (and even more when you set or swim!). Sun damage is a killer, plus you wouldn't want to land a few weird tanlines from cutout swimwear.

11. This one's a classic every girl has attempted at least once while at the pool. We really can't blame you, though—the view from the back is top-notch. 

12. Cameras at the ready! Surface to shore and unleash your inner Bond girl in a sizzling hot snap like this.

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