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Steal Vs. Splurge: Fall/Winter Trends--For LESS

Can’t afford ka ba? Don’t fret—Cosmo searched for couture-looking budget-friendly pieces to help you achieve the season's "it" looks.
Are you lusting over that really expensive "it" bag or designer shoes and find (as usual) that it costs way more than you can afford? Think long and hard before you whip out your credit card and make any purchases. You do not want to end up living beyond your means and accumulating debt if you’re not careful. Live by this simple rule: if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. (And paying your credit card bill through installment does NOT count.)

That being said, there’s really no need to sulk in one corner for not being able to afford such pretty luxury items. The key is in knowing how to snag designer-label looks for less. Here, some tips:
  1. It’s all in the details. Unique details and add-ons are usually what makes a trendy designer item expensive. Look for items that have the same elements but never buy exact knock-offs. Retail brands, vintage stores, and even ukay-ukay stalls carry cheaper versions of designer styles that pattern their collections with similar details, colors, shape, cut, etc.

  2. Explore other shopping venues. We know how much you love the mall. Even if you say you’re just there to hang out or window shop, the temptation to buy a branded item that catches your fancy is high. But if you want another way to score cheaper designer versions, check out online shops. From shoes, bags, and clothes, you’ll find a lot of affordable pieces that look just as good and trendy as those designer items. For a list of online boutiques you can browse, check out’s top 20 websites.

  3. Befriend your dependable neighborhood mananahi. The trick is to recreate looks by having it custom-made. If you can sew and do pattern-making, then snaps for you! You can just copy looks straight from the runway based on your own preferences (size, color, fabric, etc.) If not, scout for a good tailor to sew it for you, and for sure it won’t be as costly as buying from the stores.

  4. Raid the closets in your house. Fashion trends come and go--then come back with a vengeance. You might rediscover old items that are in fashion again tucked all the away at the back of your closet or some box in the attic. You may find '80s-inspired styles from your ate and mom’s old wardrobe or chic menswear finds in your brother and dad’s drawers.
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