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Summer 2011 Trend Report: Investment Pieces You Should Keep

With only a few weeks of summer left (unless you go to countries where the season begins in June), check out fashion staples you can wear for much longer.

With the heat still on and the sun still high, we're pretty sure you're still brimming with the excitement you have for the remaining fun activities you have yet to tick off on your summer calendar. Indeed, this season has proven to be the best time to explore and have fun, especially when it comes to your wardrobe!

We've gathered the best trends of the season to serve as your cheat sheet for the remaining sunny days ahead...and for the few more weeks you want to keep the sun much longer in your life (we're looking at you, college Cosmo chicks!). These summer investment pieces are totally worth wearing (and keeping) for a long time. Go ahead and click on the gallery to check out these lust-worthy pieces that scream nothing but superb style.

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