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Think Bows Are Only For Little Girls? Think Again!

Here's how to wear them like an adult.


As a child, you were probably forced by your well-meaning mother to wear poufy, itchy, beribboned dresses on special occasions like Christmas or your birthday (we know we were). So really, we don’t blame you if you’ve taken a dislike to bows and ribbons. BUT—and you know this was coming because we really like challenging you to experiment with fashion—bows can actually work even beyond your single digit-age days. Here’s how:

1. Miniaturize it.
As with any introduction to a trend, we recommend you start slow. Try tiny, discreet ribbons on a top or down one side of a skirt.

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2. Go for dark colors.
An easy trick to making virtually any piece of clothing look more *adult*? Dark, somber hues like navy, black, and plum. (Though the cutout feature on this dress works, too.)

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3. Let it decorate your hair.
Secure a side pony or an intricate braid with a length of ribbon. You can also use it as a hairband!

4. Balance with boyish elements.
Try looping ribbon around a collared shirt or shirtdress to make an oversized bow. By pairing with masculine details, you make it less frou-frou and more sophisticated.

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5. Make it sexy and shiny.
Well, what do you know: A bow-trimmed metallic romper that puts your arms and legs on display isn’t so cutesy after all! Showing skin kind of feels like cheating, but you really can’t fault us for trying.

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6. Wear them on your feet.
Still hesitant to take this trend head-on? Limit bows and ribbons to your feet—it’s subtle enough so you won’t feel conscious, yet also make an interesting addition to your footwear!

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