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This Bracelet Can Charge Your Phone

And it's actually a pretty accessory.

You need this bracelet in your life.

Actually, we all need it.

It's called the Q Bracelet, a slim bangle by Q Designs that serves as an accessory and a phone charger for both Android and Apple devices. It comes in three colors: black, silver, and gold. If you ask us, it's not bad-looking at all!

Here's the thing: It's not available yet. But the company is taking pre-orders for $79 (about P3,000)—a big price to pay for a portable charger.

We're pretty willing to pay that amount, though, because the design is super sleek—and it's something you can take almost ANYWHERE.

We wish it could've been launched here in time for the 2014 Cosmo Bachelor Bash, though (ICYMI: It's on September 24!), because we're pretty sure our phones would die after documenting the hotness that is bulges. And abs! And pecs!

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