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This Vibrating Bra Claims To Be The Secret To Bigger Boobs

Or just numb boobs...

Women with small boobs, listen up. Because if you've ever wished for a more generous helping in the mammary gland department, some scientist somewhere in the depths of Serbia thinks he's come up with a non-surgical solution.

A vibrating bra.

Yep, if you want to feel a little like your phone is ringing off the hook while in the vicinity of your boobs for seven days straight—all in the name of bigger tits; then go ahead, be our guest and give the "E" vibrating bra a go.

Invented by former engineering student Milan Milić, it claims to increase those knockers of yours by up to a whole cup size in just one week.

Milan tried it out on his very willing girlfriend, who reported to see a real difference, and now the bra has been sent to the US and Europe for further tests.

"After seven days she [had] gone up a whole size," he explained, describing his girlfriend's (definitely not biased) experience. "You only need to wear the bra for five minutes a day, three times a day and after just seven days you will have increased her bra size by one cup size."

But maybe it's not a load of shit, because according to one plastic surgeon, those vibrations might actually have had an impact when it comes to stimulating the growth of women's breasts.


Dr. Michael Salzheaur monitored the experience of one tester, Sabrina Molinar, and confirmed that her cup size had officially increased.

So there we have it, women of the world. We might be only a few vibrations away from the cleavage we could once have only dreamed of. Oh, the wonders of science.


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