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Throw All Your Tops! You Just Need This One Shirt In Your Closet

1 top, 24 different looks. Meet the MORF.

Created by Israel-based designer Tamara Salem, the MORF is "a shirt that magically allows you to transform your look in up to 24 different ways." Want proof? Watch this video!

Amazing, right? The secret lies in MORF's lack of a front or back side. It has no velcro, buttons, zippers, or ties; just a double-layer, U.S.-patented design that Tamara initially made for her pal. She told HuffPost Style: "I wanted to sew my best friend a shirt for her birthday, and I had this vague idea for a multilayer top—black front and white back. But only when I actually held it in my hands, I discovered I could flip it and get a totally black shirt, and then flip it again and get an all-white shirt. I realized then how many different options this structure offered."

According to Tamara, 100% of the funding goal was reached on Kickstarter in six days (out of 60) and doubled itself two days later. But here's more good news: Tamara wants to apply the same technology to dresses, tank tops, kids' wear, sports wear, and men's wear, so if you want to support her cause, visit her Kickstarter page now! 

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Seriously, think of all the possibilities: you can literally pack 2 MORF items of clothing when you go on vacation and have multiple outfits for OVER a week. That's if you have access to a laundromat, though. And if you don't, well, you can always turn a shirt inside out and it'll be ~fresh~ again! Genius!

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P.S. Tamara, please don't invent MORF underwear, though. That would be kinda gross. LOL.

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