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Would You Wear Your Dress Like This?

Kinda crazy.


We have to admit, there are a lot of fashion things that confuse the f*ck out of us. And while it’s highly possible we end up eating our words as soon as our favorite fast fashion retailer comes out with a knockoff, right now, we are seriously confused (but also kind of amazed) at this newest sartorial trend.

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Behold, a runway look from Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2016, which recently showed at Paris Fashion Week.

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So what that is, basically, is a disco-ready lamé dress worn asymmetrically over the body. We’re guessing it was stitched over the outfit, though for all we know, the model was in the middle of wearing the dress when she ran out of time—thus the tucked-under-the-armpit look she’s working there.

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Not up to your speed? Well, you can always just layer it over a chunky sweater, then do your best Hermione Granger impersonation so the straps magically hover above your shoulders.

So ~*avant-garde*~.

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