Your Jeans Might Be Too Tight

You have to let them go.

Can your jeans be too tight for you? Following a news report that a woman in the US was hospitalized for four days because of a pair of skinny jeans, the answer seems to be an alarming yes. Avoid meeting the same fate. Here, telltale signs that your jeans aren’t ready for your jelly!

1. You need to perform several yoga poses just to slide into your jeans. You have to get into all sorts of positions just to slip into your pants. SO. MUCH. EFFORT. 

2. It seems to fit like a glove, but you can barely sit down. You're stuck in a half-squat position. 

3. You need to tuck in your tummy. Your muffin top looks more like a three-layered cake. 

4. Sausage-casing legs. 'Nuff said. This is when the fabric clings excessively to your legs, forming tiny creases that look like sausage casings on the outside, and leaving angry inseam marks on your legs.

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