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10 Hilarious Things We Overheard During Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014

Fashion girls say the funniest things.

In case you missed it, Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 just wrapped up at SMX on Sunday, June 1—and we at the Cosmo HQ sat front row and center during the industry's most glamorous week out!

We couldn't help but crack up at the funniest things we overheard during the 5-day event—because fashion girls say the darndest things when they're 1. bored, 2. hungry, 3. tired from running around in six-inch stilettos. 

Check it!

1. "Babae ba 'yun?"

2. Girl 1: "Have you eaten?"

Girl 2: "Nobody really eats during Fashion Week."

3. "Takutan portion ba ‘tong background music dito?"

4. "I don’t get why people wear shades during Fashion Week. Madilim kaya sa loob ng SMX."

5. "Why is that dude wearing a fur hat? It's 38 degrees outside!"

6. "Can you take my photo? My outfit should totally be on Instagram right now."

7. "Is it just me or do male models look constipated when they walk the runway?"

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8. "F*ck. These heels hurt."

9. "Sorry, TMI. But this pencil skirt is so tight, I'm not wearing underwear."

10. Bukas pa kaya Yabu after ng 9:30 p.m. show?

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