10 Things Girls Love To Do When They're Getting Ready Together

To all the boyfriends who've had to wait for hours, we do not apologize.

1. Ask each stupid makeup questions like "Pantay ba kilay ko?"

Or, "If my dress is purple, and I put on purple eyeshadow, will I look like an eggplant?" Fact: Putting on makeup is the #1 reason why it takes us a million years to get ready. Because sometimes, the cat eye on our left lid is droopier than the cat eye on our right lid—and no girlfriend would let the other girlfriend go to a club with uneven liner. It's just part of our #GirlCode.

2. Obsess about what we're wearing.

It's also one of the reasons why we move at a glacial pace. The truth is, we have been carefully planning our outfits for a while now. But we will always, always ask our girlfriends for the FINAL say.

3. Touch each other.

Okay, not like that, you perv. But unlike a group of guys who are probably too dyahe to be naked in the same room, girls absolutely DO NOT CARE. We like to compare boob sizes. We like to poke each other's butts. We like to go, "GIIIRL, ang ganda ng pwet mo. ASSet mo talaga 'yan."

4. Speaking of boobs! We walk around the room in our underwear about 90% of the time.

We don't care if we've been friends for 10 seconds or 10 years, girls are just ridiculously comfortable getting ready in our bra and panty.

5. Hence, you'll probably hear this a lot: "OMG. Your panty is so cute!"

Fact 1: We like to look at each other's underwear. Fact 2: We will always  ask each other, "Saan mo nabili 'yan? SALE?"

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6. Zip each other's backs.

We are not contortionists. We need help!

7. Check each other's backs.

"You guys, kita ba panty ko from behind? Yes? Sige, I won't wear it na lang."

8. Take 100 selfies.

Because girlfriend #1 looks better in white light, while girlfriend #2 looks better in yellow. We need options! We need layouts! We need to know which photo looks better on #VSCOCAM!

9. Put all our makeup on the sink.

The sink suddenly gets transformed into a makeup counter, so that girlfriend #1 can borrow girlfriend #2's eyelash curler. There is a flat iron, a curling iron, multiple shades of eye shadow, lip liners, clutch bags, and perfume bottles. The sink is a messy, messy place—and we have no intention of cleaning it up. Maybe, after.

10. Gossip. Mostly about cute guys.

Or someone's boobs.

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