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11 Shopping Excuses Every Girl Has Made

At least once in her life.

1. It's on sale! "This leather jacket is so cool and chic. Oh, it's the middle of summer in the Philippines and it's 95 degrees outside? But I'm planning to go backpacking in five years. How many times can you score a real leather jacket for less than P3,000? ZERO.

2. But I don't have it in this texture/color. "It's the same button down I have, but in chambray."

3. I'll never know when I'll need it in the future. "Oh my god, this dress is worth two paychecks, but it's pretty. It's actually perfect for a garden formal wedding, which as of the moment, doesn't actually exist yet. But I am sure I will be invited to a garden formal wedding...eventually."

4. These heels hurt so much, but I can break 'em in. "I just need to put Band-Aids on all my toes, and these shoes will feel like flip-flops."

5. I had a long day. "Today, I had three back-to-back meetings, which could have been resolved through emails, yaknow. And then I spilled coffee on my white shirt. And then to top it all off, my boyfriend picked me up from work super late tapos sobrang gutom ko na, so BV 'yung day na 'to. I am buying this black, slightly emo dress to match my feelings."

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5.1. Bagong break ako okay? "Like, one year ago."

6. I had a good day. "Today, I totally nailed my presentation in front of my Big Bosses. My office crush talked to me and said I looked great today. I think I deserve to buy this floral dress, because I am deliriously happy that the sun's rays are coming out of my ass."

7. I can't afford this, but all I have to do is make baon every day until 2016. "I also have to stop my daily Starbucks runs. I have a plan! If somebody asks if I'm G for drinks after work, I will say no. All the time."

8. I never spend on myself. "I've been saving all my money lately. I've been religiously making baon at work. I haven't had dinner out in...three days. I haven't bought Starbucks coffee in two weeks (even if the barista is super cute).
I have been living off kamote and boiled bananas."

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9. It's the last piece! "AND IT HAPPENS TO BE IN MY SIZE. It's fate! It's destiny! It's MAGIC!"

10. It's trendy. "How many months do I have before the fashion magazines and websites declare that off-shoulder tops are sooo last season? I have to buy this right now and wear it TOMORROW. Because it will be out of style in TWO DAYS. At least, nasuot ko na 'di ba?"

11. Sabi ng uso eh. See everything we have written about clothes and fashion and trends here. 

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