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15 Signs You Probably Have A Shopping Problem

"Magkano 'yung shoes mo?" your boyfriend asks. "I have selective amnesia."

1. Looking at your closet is exhausting.
You literally have no space left for anything. You know that rack where you hang all your clothes? Yeah, you can't move the hangers anymore. You literally have to flex your core and your arms to get to the end of the rack.

2. And because you have no more closet space, you have clothes on the floor.
You have clothes inside unopened paper bags. You have shoes inside boxes. Sometimes you trip on a box and go, "Ooooh, what does this shoe box have?" And ta-da, you have a pair of heels you completely forgot about.

3. The minute you open your closet, something falls on your face.
Sometimes, it is a sweater. Most of the time, it is a shoe box.

4. You shop when you're happy.
"My boss promoted me at work today, I deserve this crop top." 

5. You also shop when you're sad.
"My boyfriend just broke up with me, I deserve this tight AF, sobrang malanding dress."

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6. You have had this conversation at least once with your boyfriend.
Boyfriend: O, nag-shopping ka nanaman?
You: Konti lang naman...
Boyfriend: But you just shopped last week?
You: Sale eh.
Boyfriend: Magkano nagastos mo?
You: Hindi ko alam? I have selective amnesia...

7. Your credit card is always maxed out.

8. You are a compulsive shopper.
You know how some people go inside a store and say, "Okay, I just need a new pencil skirt for work." Yeah, that's never you. You go inside a store and say, "Okay, I just need a new pencil skirt for work." And then you end up buying two crop tops, a new pair of heels, a glittery topand NO PENCIL SKIRT.

9. When you're not at work or school, you hang out in tiangges.
You have a suking tindahan at Taytay Tiangge. Ate Amy The Saleslady is your best friend because the moment new arrivals come in, she texts you, "Ma'am, d2 na po bagong clothes. Shop ulit po kau." Sweldo today, gone tomorrow! #PatayTayoDiyan

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10. You are best friends with the salesladies at whatever mall you hang out in.
The girl from Topshop in Robinsons Magnolia always tells you, "Ma'am, kumuha na po kayo ng membership card kasi andito naman kayo parati." Lies, all lies, you say. But deep down in your heart, you know it's true. Hay.

11. Your favorite websites are H&M, Zara, and Mango.
You source for clothes before they hit the mall. "I wonder if this is available in stores already? Punta kaya ako bukas?" You check Pinterest all the time for ~*outfit inspirations*~.

13. You can never have too many clothes.
"How many blazers/crop tops/sweaters/leather skirts are you allowed to own?" is something you have asked yourself. Oh, you have five blazers/crop tops/sweaters/leather skirts at home? There is always room for one more!

14. You follow so many stores on Instagram. 
Also, Zalora is bookmarked on your laptop forever. Online shopping rulez!

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15. "I have nothing to wear," is something you have said at least once in your life.
Despite having a full closet and a million shopping bags on the floor, you are convinced that your clothes are never enough.

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