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Are Your Clothes Out To Ruin Your Day?

Sometimes. So here's how to deal with itchy shirt tags and weird shoulder nipples like a true fashion girl.

As a new member of the Low Tolerance For Things That Cramp Our Style Club, we’d like to present you with a few clothing tips to save your day—and sanity.

1. Peeking hanger straps. So this H&M top that shows off your collarbones is perfect until it is ruined by a pair of loops that decide to dangle themselves on the day that you're trying to look cute in front of your Office Crush. Not cool.

Solution: A shirt will manage to stay on a hanger without slipping so by all means, cut off the loopy loops. If you really can't cut the loops (your tops with stretchy straps will need the strings for them to actually stay on the hanger), you can tuck the loops inside the backside of your bra or secure the loop ends to the garment with a safety pin.

2. Weird shoulder nipples. Four words: Lakas. Makasira. Ng. Araw.

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Solution: The quick fix is to run your fingers under the tap, then rub and pull at the fabric around the bumps. The wet fibers will eventually mould to your shoulders once they dry. Next time, fold your knitwear. If you don't have enough drawer space, get padded hangers or broad, wooden ones. Or hang your sweater. Like this guy in Snapguide.

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3. Itchy clothing tags.  Those synthetic fiber labels are enough to drive anyone crazy. Or form little red islands on the skin, in extreme cases. Eww.

Solution: Snip them off. The nub of the tags could still irritate you, so use a seam ripper to cut the thread holding the material. If you absolutely cannot cut out the tags (How will I ever remember the special care instructions?!) but want to reduce the itchy factor, fold in half and again, then safety-pin them to the garment.

4. String belt loops. Fast fashion companies are notorious for sewing thread loops on its dresses and cardigans to hold a belt. But they just look tacky. (P.S. Sometimes the belts that come with the clothes also look tacky.)

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Solution: Clip the thread loops with a nail cutter. Also, ditch the freebie accessory and opt for a different belt that flatters your shape.

5. Stitched X’s on back flaps. Ever wonder why there's an awkward X-shaped stitch on your blazer's vent/slit? That's not a design detail. That's called basting—a kind of stitching that keeps the flaps together and the clothes from creasing during shipment of when on store display.

Solution: You know the drill: cut it off. Once the thread is removed, your clothing will fit better, look classier, and will give you more room to move. Yay!

6. Fake, sewn-in pockets. This is an all-or-nothing situation. There’s absolutely no point to add non-functional, decorative pockets to clothes because really, who gives a damn about the look of a pocket?

Solution: Nothing. Carry a purse to hold your small things. Or, don't buy whatever it is that has fake, sewn-in pockets, because that's just ridiculous.

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