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10 Swimsuits For Girls Who Only Wear Black

We totally understand.

There's something about summer that makes people want to wear bright colors. You? Well, if you clicked this, I think it's safe to say that you don't fall into that category. But really, are you even missing out? Black is timeless, slimming, and chic AF—why would you want to wear anything else? ;)

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Bandeau bikini, P1,810, Hey Babe


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Strapply maillot, P1,850, Muuno


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Lace-up maillot, P999, S&C


Bow bikini, P1,900, Beyond the Beach


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Polka dot bikini top, P1,495, bottom, P995, Mango

Lemonade maillot, P2,049, Vero Moda


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High-neck bikini, P1,880, Cesa


Halter maillot, P1,800, Sundae


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Lace bikini top, P1,190, bottom, P699, H&M


Scallop bikini, P1,450, Nudo


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Backless maillot, P1,700, Eighth Mermaid

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