Budget Bride? Here's How You Can Save On Wedding Gown Expenses

A tight budget shouldn't restrict you from donning a beautiful gown on your wedding day!

Streamline your design

You might have your heart set on having a gown custom-made, so check with your designer if your gown will incorporate pricey fabrics like duchesse satin or expensive embellishments like Swarovski. Ask your designer to suggest more affordable alternatives so you can spend less on materials. Some fabrics and embellishments can still deliver similar looks—just be willing to substitute some elements from the original design. Also, keep in mind that a simpler gown silhouette would be easier to execute, which means you'll be spending less on labor, too.

Rework an old gown

If your mom's, tita's, or older sister's wedding gown is still in pretty good shape, consider making their dress the "something old" in your wedding wardrobe. Bring new life to an old dress by having it restructured, or use some of its fabric to make a new dress. Not only will you save on your wedding dress expenses, but you'll also be eco-friendly.

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