Puson-Friendly Pieces You Can Wear To Your Parties

No buffet pants necessary.

Step one in dressing for buffets (or any pig out sesh) is knowing that it’s less about wearing something loose and more about the art of diverting attention. See our tried and tested style tips below:

  1. Sequins 

    Dazzle everyone with a stunning sequined wrap that: a) you can adjust when you feel like your stomach expanding, and b) get everyone’s attention on the sparkle and away from the tummy area. 

    Crossover dress with sequins, P3995, Zara

  2. Go backless

    Bare your sexy back in a pretty red dress and we guarantee, that’s all people will notice the entire night.

    Mikkeli Open Back Mini Dress, P1920, Seek the Uniq

  3. Vertical Stripes

    Vertical stripes are not only great for elongating your body, they can also make you appear slender.

    Stripe textured dress, P1995, Mango 

  4. Fluffy sweaters

    Take full advantage of the chilly weather and throw on a fluffy, oversized sweater. This is probably the only time it’s a good idea to layer in the metro so go ahead and maybe mix it with a print to make it more festive.

    Long Sleeved Fluffy Jumper, P1195, Stradivarius

  5. A pop of color

    Who says flowers are only for summer? This year, one of the top print trends are winter florals. Mix it with the season’s festive hue and voila! 


    Isabela wrap dress, P650, Lola Daisies

  6. A blazer dress

    Got legs for days? Put on a blazer dress will make everyone go "Ooh la la!" Style it with 5-inch steppers and show everyone that loose doesn’t have to mean sloppy.

    Blazer-style dress with floral embroidery, P1995, Bershka 

  7. A two-tier dress

    For brunch, afternoon weekend parties. or family reunions, opt for a laid-back dress you can pair with slip-ons. This two-tier dress hides your midsection and shows off your décolletage.

    Kimi dress, P1875, Eustacia

  8. Ruffles

    The pretty layers of a flounced top will let you eat to your heart’s desire while concealing what's under.

    Flounced top, P1990, H&M 

  9. Polka dots

    Of course, it’s always a great idea to wear fab polka for New Years! The bold print will surely lead everyone's attention to the areas you want to accentuate. 

    Holiday collection, Love Lilie

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