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10 Travel OOTDs For Cold Weather

You can finally layer and not break into a sweat!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/tlnique, (RIGHT) Instagram/viennawedekind

If you’re spending the -ber months in a country that actually has four seasons, you better come well-prepared—for two main reasons. First, there’s nothing that could spoil a vacation quicker than freezing and getting sick because you’re not dressed warm enough. And second, because you’re bound to take tons of travel OOTDs, of course!

1. Skirting the issue

Balance a pretty pleated skirt with an oversized bomber jacket and your comfiest sneakers.

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2. Loafing around

If you want something dressier than sneakers, loafers make for comfy and sensible footwear. Style yours with a suede jacket and a roomy backpack.

3. Give the slip

Your beloved slip dress won’t have to stay hidden just because it’s cold out. Pile on the layers with a turtleneck sweater and a longline cardigan.

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4. Denim delight

Jumpers aren’t just for kids. Add a chunky sweater and sneakers for a day of touring the city.

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5. Straight out

Skinny jeans are amazing, but if you’ll be spending hours on a plane or tour bus, loose-fitting trousers might be the better option. Pull the look together with a streamlined vest.

6. Feeling toasty

In case you missed the memo, puffer jackets are cool again. Stay on trend with raw-edged jeans and pointy ankle boots.

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7. Into the gloss

Dressing for night? Balance a short skirt with full-coverage pieces like a warm coat, a thick sweater, and tights.

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8. No hands required

Make a tropical midi dress cold weather-appropriate with extra-long sleeves and oversized shapes that keep warmth in.

9. Pop of color

Dressing entirely in dark colors can dampen the mood—especially amid foul weather—so why not settle for brightly hued coats and footwear?

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10. Winter is coming

If you’re incredibly lamigin, pull out all the stops. Turtleneck sweater? Check! Leather trousers? Yup! Chic AF coat? Well, duh.

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