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Exercise Outfits You Can Wear To #CosmoMoveIt

Who doesn't want to look cute while werqing out?


ICYMI: We're throwing #CosmoMoveIt, an after-hours workout party, and YOU'RE invited! Don't know what exactly to wear during the hip hop and BODYJAM classes on March 21, Thursday, at the BGC Ampitheater? You're in luck, because we've got some suggestions!

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We're giving away Cosmo shirts on the day itself, and you're free to wear it ANY way you want! Bring a pair of scissors and cut off the sleeves, then tie the shirt's ends to make a DIY crop top, which is kind of what Anne Curtis did here during a sweaty sesh with her personal trainer.

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We cannot emphasize how important it is to invest in a sports bra that reduces boob bounce, keeps sweat away, and looks amazing when worn alone.

For high-intensity workouts, opt for a wide-strapped sports bra to keep your boobs in place even with all that jumping and running. Spinning instructor Lexi Gancayco pairs hers with cute orange mini-shorts for a pop of color.

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Black, sweat-wicking leggings are reliable for days when all your gym shorts are in the laundry. Belle Daza looks so cute in this printed pair, don't you think? 

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A breezy and loose tank top is your best bet to show off your toned arms and strong shoulders. We especially like this strappy number worn by Iya Villania, who makes pull-ups look SO easy. Breaking news: It is NOT.

This sexy X-strap top looks so cute, we might even wear it outside the boxing ring. Thanks for the tip, Yassi Pressman!

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Lovi Poe makes sure she wears sneakers that support her ankles to avoid injury while boxing. It just so happens her Nike kicks look totes cute, too.

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When all else fails, Coleen Garcia demonstrates that a sporty onesie will save you the time and hassle of putting together an outfit. This one comes from Adidas' Stella McCartney line.


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