Find The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Shape

It's not about being a size 0 or 2, or being a small or medium. You can now own a pair of jeans that actually fit and flatter your every curve. It's about shape--not size.

How do you shop for jeans? Do you ask for tons of pairs in your supposed “size” and try on every single pair until you find one that fits the most parts of your lower body? (Only to find out later that it gives you a muffin effect, where flabs spill over the top of your jeans, or it slides down so low whenever you try to sit down or stand up.) It doesn’t have to be that way—and your jeans experience need not be unflattering in that manner, too. Original, definitive jeans brand Levi’s has officially reinvented the way women shop for jeans by introducing the Curve ID, the first global women’s denim line.

How does it work? This new line of custom fit jeans is made to fit the curve of a woman’s body! Now the pair you want need not be elusive—finding the perfect pair can be easy!

Through studying and listening to more than 60,000 women around the world, the new Levi’s Curve ID line utilizes a revolutionary fit system that is based on shape and not size. Taking an exciting approach to measuring a woman’s body, Levi’s designers identified three distinct body types that account for most women’s shapes universally. And thus, the three sexy Levi’s Curve ID fits were born! Each curve ID is represented by a brand ambassador: Lykke Li, Miss Nine, and Pixie Geldof.

Unlike other denim brands, Levi’s Curve ID has an innovative customized fit system based on the difference between the measurement of a woman’s hip and seat--the greater the difference, the curvier the body.

The Slight Curve celebrates straight figures by defining the waist and accentuating curves. Slim fitting through the thighs, it shapes the derriere to achieve a perfect curve.

Meanwhile, the Demi Curve frames perfect proportions by flattering the waist and smoothing the overall silhouette.

The Bold Curve honors real curves and celebrates true feminine contours. Hugging the waist without gaping or pulling, these jeans provide room in the seat and thighs to achieve the most flattering fit.

Levi's believes it's about shape--not size. Try it out and see for yourself. Find your curve and find the most perfectly fitted denims. Levi’s Curve ID fits are now in stores and are available in a wide array of cuts and washes.

Each store will have trained fit experts to measure you, identify your Levi’s Curve ID, and help you find the best fitting jeans for your body type and style preference. You can visit a global digital fitting room by logging on to, where you can find your Levi’s Curve ID, explore product demos, and learn more about their innovative fit science.

Click here for the Digital Fitting Room, where you can learn how to measure yourself to know what your curve ID is.

Click here for anything you want to know about Levi's Women.

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