Halloween Party Gals Name Their Fashion Pet Peeves

Check out what these chicks in costume wouldn't be caught dead wearing when it's NOT Halloween (or, even if it is).

A lot of things may come to mind when we think of Halloween—horror flicks, ghost stories, Jack-o'-lanterns, trick or treating, and of course, costume parties! It's probably the only occasion when no outfit can ever be too taboo, too weird, too scary, or too wild. This time of the year, there's no such thing as a fashion crime...or is there?

While a Halloween costume party is the perfect opportunity for anyone to push the envelope when it comes to dressing up, there are certain fashion no-nos that we simply can't stand. So when Cosmo attended the country's biggest and longest-running annual costume dance party, the Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball at  A. Venue Events Hall in Makati last October 29, we approached Cosmo chicks who were absolutely fearless in their fabulous costume choices to ask them: What are your fashion pet peeves?

Launch the gallery to see what these ladies were wearing to the well-attended party with the theme "Raving In Wonderland," and with the sounds of DJs Binary Finary and Ronski Speed pulsating through the venue. Find out what these girls with a flair for over-the-top fashion set as the limit on what they wouldn't wear—or wouldn't want to see other people wear. Watch for our Party-Hopping gallery of the wackiest, sexiest, and scariest outfits we spotted there, too.

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