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How To Find Your Personal Style

Stuck in a fashion rut? Read this.

1. Ask yourself, "What are some of my favorite fashion things?"

Go through your entire closet, and figure out what your absolute favorite clothing item is. Is it a pencil skirt? Is it a pair of leather shorts? An oversized sweater? A crop top? A V-neck tee? Chances are, whatever that favorite thing is—you probably have more than one piece of it. For example, I love blazers. They are my uniform. But I didn't know they were my uniform until I realized I had about five of them in different cuts and colors. You might not know you have a fashion uniform, but you do. For's Managing Editor Jillian, it's anything lacy or floral. For Assistant Lifestyle and Relationship Editor Gianna, it's a slinky sando. Or a dress with a low back. Figure out what yours is!

Having a uniform saves you from the stress of going to stores and figuring out what works for you and what doesn't. There's a reason why that fashion item is called your uniform: it's because you look great in it, so stick to it!


2. Know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to classics.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." Designer Yves Saint Laurent really got his shit right when he uttered those words. There are arguably at least 10 closet staples fashion magazines and blogs will say you should own: The white button-down, a pair of skinny jeans, tailored trousers, black suede pumps—it's an overwhelming list, but they are items you can wear forever.

For example, the white button-down + skinny jeans + black pumps. Those THREE closet staples already make up an outfit. See? Build your wardrobe around classic items, and you will never have to spend three hours pawing through your closet wondering what to wear.

4. Remember that building your wardrobe doesn't happen overnight.

Your style will evolve. You'll think sneakers and skirts are cool today, but you'll probably be bored with that combo tomorrow. Your personal style will change; let it! 

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5. Think of your fashion peg.

Think of anyone who you think is fashionable—an artista, a blogger, a Hollywood A-list celebrity, a singer. Chances are, you like their sense of style, because you've stalked them several times on social media, and realized, "Hey, we kind of like the same things. I could work with that style."

6. Edit your closet.

Some of the things you own no longer work for you. Do yourself a favor and get rid of those items. They are taking up precious hanger space! Clean out your closet every six months to know which clothes fit, and which ones don't. Never hang on to some super tight dress thinking, "Oh, I can't throw this away. I might fit into it in the future!" You know you will forget about that dress. Buy a new one!

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