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10 Ways To Look Expensive And Polished Without Trying Too Hard

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How to look expensive
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When it comes to looking polished, we assume that we have to spend on expensive items and exert A LOT of effort. We sometimes think that spending on a designer bag, splurging on clothes every month, or buying expensive makeup and skincare are the only ways to create a sophisticated outfit. Good news: Those aren't true at all! Below, we gathered the easy ways you can appear put-together and classy every time.

How to Look Expensive Without *Really* Trying

  1. Go for neutral colors.

    There is something about neutral hues that create a soft, polished look. Plus, it will be easy for you to mix and match it with some trendy items. Best of all, black, gray, white, beige, and brown will never go out of style. (INSPO: 15 Monochromatic Neutral Outfits Perfect For Days When You Have 'Nothing To Wear')

  2. Invest in classic fashion items.

    Speaking of never going out of style, classic closet staples are a must. Some items that serve as your wardrobe foundation are the following: crisp white button-down, a flattering pair of jeans or trousers, a well-tailored blazer, white sneakers, and a structured bag. These are failproof items that will make you appear put-together and expensive all the time.

    One way to figure out if the piece is timeless is when it has clean lines and without prints. The simple look guarantees that you won't get tired of it and that it can surpass trends. (READ: 15 Timeless Fashion Items Every Girl Should Own)

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  3. Accessorize with care.

    Stick to dainty gold, silver, or rose gold jewelry so the pieces won't overwhelm your outfit and frame. The same rule goes for hair accessories and hats: Try them on first and observe if the size and design won't "drown" your look—that's when you'll know that you're not overdoing it.

  4. Believe in cost-per-wear.

    Investing in items that will last for a long time is way better than buying a cheap piece of clothing with poor quality. Heart Evangelista clearly explained this concept in a vlog. She said that we should stop buying dupes—waiting for that ONE expensive item you've been dreaming of will be worth it. 

  5. Have your items tailored to your size.

    Fit is everything. Although we're big fans of oversized tops, we must find that sweet spot that is proportionate to our bodies. Have your skirts and pants' hemlines tailored for your height. Resist wearing clothes that are one size smaller. Remember that size labels are just numbers. The way the fabric hugs and falls on your body is more important.

  6. Wear the right kind of underwear.

    The wrong bra or panties will ruin your pretty outfit. Take note of this basic rule: Strapless bras for tube, halter, and off-shoulder clothing; seamless panties for body-hugging bottoms.

  7. Take care of your clothing.

    We've discussed earlier that it's okay to spend on a piece of clothing that you'll wear over and over. For it to endure a long period of time, you must follow the laundry instructions on the label and properly store them. 

  8. Pay attention to your hair and face.

    You don’t need to go all out in the glam department. Fresh-looking makeup and a sleek hairstyle contribute to your overall look. You’ll appear more polished when your foundation isn’t cakey or melting. A simple, minimal MOTD and brushed locks will do.

  9. Attend to your nails.

    Dirty nails ruin the outfit, but don’t be pressured to get a manicure and pedicure every time. Simply have clean buffed nails. Trim your fingernails and toenails every two to three weeks. Rub a towel on the cuticles after you shower and moisturize with cuticle oil.

  10. Maintain good posture

    The way you carry yourself is important, so you must have good posture. When you stand tall and don't slouch when you sit, you appear more confident. (READ: In Case You're Curious, This Is How You Maintain Good Posture Every Time)

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