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How To Make Your Wedding Gown Last Forever

Check out these tips!

Although you'll only use your wedding gown once, you have to make sure it'll last as long as your ~*~love!~*~

Here, a couple of tips to ensure it does:

1. Check your gown for stains and other signs of damage right after the wedding. Some stains are dry and colorless, so have your dress dry cleaned as soon as possible

2. Make sure you know your wedding gown's material. Your dry cleaner should be informed of your gown's fabric so that he or she will know what treatments are appropriate. Take note of other important details like delicate beading, rips, and tears.

3.To preserve your wedding gown for a long time, seek professional assistance from a preservation specialist. A folded gown should be refolded every five years to avoid any permanent creases.

For more tips and tricks on how to preserve your wedding gown, check out!

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