How To Style A Denim Jumper Without Looking Like A 12-Year-Old

One jumper, three ways.

Jumpers are making a MAJOR comeback. Here's how to wear 'em like a grown woman. 

P.S. Sure, they're kind of hard to pee in, though (See: romper). But fashion > comfort, right?



An embellished crop sweater paired with a sexy pair of ankle-strap stilettos add a sophisticated twist to this gradeschool throwback staple.

Sweater, Topshop
Jumper, Suiteblanco
Heels, Suiteblanco
Clutch, Dorothy Perkins


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Show a little side skin when you wear the jumper with a cute, printed sports bra—and absolutely nothing else.

Supernova sports bra, Adidas
Jumper, Suiteblanco
Satin slip-ons, Mango
Backpack, Suiteblanco
Cap, Zara
Bangles, Suiteblanco


Class act. Long, chandelier earrings coupled with a chiffon button-down add polish to an otherwise tomboy piece.

Chiffon polo, Mango
Jumper, Suiteblanco
Bag, Dorothy Perkins
Stilettos, Mango 

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