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How To Master Casual Dressing, According To Julia Barretto

No stylist needed—you already have most of these pieces in your closet!
PHOTO: Instagram/juliabarretto

Love You To The Stars And Back star Julia Barretto is no doubt our girl of the moment, and it’s only natural that we’ve already stalked her off-duty OOTDs for outfit inspiration.

What we found was a nice surprise: Her low-key fashion choices are very much wearable for ~*regular*~ girls like us.

Here's a quick lesson on how Julia styles herself, the basic pieces she swears by, and how we can cop her comfy-casual style easily: 

1. Jeans + tank top

On non-taping days, she pretty much lives in the basics. Jeans and a tank top? We’ve all worn this combo at least once in our lives!

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2. Culottes + tank top

On warmer days, Julia goes for easy, breezy culottes in place of skinny jeans.

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3. Collared shirt + skirt

Another of Julia's easy styling tricks is pairing cute skirts with conservative tops, preferably ones with a collar. She plays it safe by making sure that one is printed while the other is plain.

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4. Basic tees

As for basics, Julia lives in them! While it’s hard to downplay beauty like hers (see how she can look so stunning in just a plain tee!), what we realize here is how nonchalant and confident she looks when dressed down—and it’s that attitude we want to cop, too.

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5. Jersey shirt dresses

Technically, we don’t have these in our closets, but we can always borrow from the boys. Here, Julia brings some swagger into the basic shirtdress by going for oversized jersey tees.

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6. Sweat pants

Comfort over style is the name of her game, and Julia plays it in her fashion choices oh-so-well.

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7. Cozy sweaters

She’s not just after comfort, she wants to be cozy, too. Here’s another of Julia's favorite pieces to lounge in—which all of us have in our closets, too.

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8. Leather jackets

Whether in a dress or distressed jeans, Julia knows the easy trick to add edge to her look. Here's proof on why a leather jacket is a great style investment:

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9. Denim jackets

While promoting her film Vince & Kath & James last year, we saw her trading her leather for denim, and the switch obviously worked well with her style, too:

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10. A red midi jumpsuit

On days when Julia needs to dress up, she often transforms into the lady in red. Instead of her usual skirts and dresses, she opts for a jumpsuits with heels—we know they're way easier to move in!

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11. Off-shoulder ribbons

While you may not own the exact same piece adorned with ribbons, we’re certain you have an off-shoulder item on your closet, too. Stick to a style (with ruffles, frills, or straps, you choose!) and wear it over and over again. Glam it up or dress it down, just like Julia.

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