One-Piece Swimsuits You Can Tuck Into Your Shorts And Jeans

Just the right amount of hubadera.

With summer on its way out, you're better off buying swimsuits you can wear in a non-beach setting. And while bikini tops take a lot of guts to pull off away from the sand and surf, maillots can double up as bodysuits to wear in the city. Here are our pick of the most versatile styles:

Floral maillot, P580, Copper

Ruffled off-shoulder maillot, P850, Pearlypop

Tropical maillot, P999, Été Style

Palm print maillot, P1,550, Sycamore

Strappy maillot, P1,690, Ocean Essentials

Shoulder-strap maillot, P1,750, Amihan

Off-shoulder maillot, P1,750, Soak

Ruffled maillot, P1,800, Beyond the Beach

Polka dot maillot, P1,899, Neon Island

Pastel maillot, P1,900, Sundae

Spaghetti-strap maillot, P2,000, Eighth Mermaid

Cutout maillot, P2,199, Salt Swim

Low-back maillot, P2,600, Pepper Swim

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